The Creative Challenge

Investing in girls’ education is the right, fair and smart thing to do and will help end poverty for generations to come. But we can’t do this alone. We need support from all around the globe to keep the pressure on world leaders to ensure that they use their influence to make this a reality.

Your brief is to deliver a creative resource that will inspire and motivate our target audience to support Plan’s ‘Because I am a Girl’ campaign.

The creative can take any form (for example print or online advertising, a video infographic, an experiential movement), but it must leave audiences with an understanding of:

The challenges that girls living in poverty face and their incredible potential •
The power of educating girls – the solution•
The urge to take action and get involved
These are two concepts developed by me including copy and art direction. This is an actual brief from YCN as part of my degree studies at Interactive Design Institute.
*These are just mockups and not FA yet. 
This is the final concept.
Alternative concept.

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